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FORM: Narrative Medium-Length
GENRE: Sci-Fi/Fantasy
RUN TIME: Approximately 35 minutes
SHOOTING FORMAT: High Definition

SYNOPSIS: Ronni is afflicted with chronic nightmares... has been for most of her adult life. Social anxieties and self esteem issues have been the result. Nothing has helped--until one day she receives an unexpected invite to partake in a clinical study on sleep disorders. Reluctantly she agrees. That's when the nightmare really begins.

TAGLINE: Grab hold of your dreams... or they'll do it for you!


What's happened so far:

The majority of principal photography was wrapped in both Madison, Wisconsin and Phoenix, Arizona. And The post-production edit was well underway. However, due to complications arising from covid-19, this project has been on hold. A few pickup scenes are still needed as well as major post-production work. Will this film be completed? It's in the hands of the gods. Fingers crossed, though. 

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