Our Films

Current Projects:

TITLE: No Sleep for Ronni (2020 expected release)
FORM: Narrative Medium-Length
GENRE: Sci-Fi/Fantasy

TITLE: Strindberg's Assistant (Halloween 2020 release)
FORM: Online Series (7 episodes)
GENRE: Supernatural Tale

TITLE: Benjamin's Ride (2021 expected release)
FORM: Documentary


Completed Projects:

TITLE: Don Circles the Drain: Surviving Access TV in 10 Easy Steps (2015)
FORM: Narrative Short
GENRE: Comedy

TITLE: Beast. Bike. Beauty. (2012)
FORM: Narrative Short
GENRE: Humor

TITLE:  Mad City Chickens (2009)
FORM: Documentary Feature

TITLE: La Fée Rouge (2006)
FORM: Narrative Short
GENRE: Fantasy


Early Films:

TITLE: The Barn Salvateers (2005)
FORM: Documentary Short

TITLE: The 3rd Rail Band (2004)
FORM: Documentary Short

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