Sunday, November 10, 2019

"Strindberg's Assistant" Retooled and Reloaded!

It was in the summer of 2011 that production first began on our long-suffering project, Strindberg's Assistant. Over the eight years that followed, the story grew and changed. More scenes were shot, additional actors recruited, and new locations secured.

And yet, we still didn't have a finished film. It just never felt right... until now. Revelations (that came to us last night!) have breathed new life into this supernatural period piece, helping us to finally discover what the hold-up really was. The format was wrong.

Strindberg's Assistant is not a movie. It's a series.

We're going to divide up the script into multiple episodes (possibly five to seven in all). A few additional actors, scenes, and pickup shots will be needed. Filming will occur sometime in the coming year.

Although things have rarely gone according to plan with this project, our goal is to release as a web series in 2020. Fingers crossed. (UPDATE April 2020:  The Covid-19 pandemic put a kink in our plans; the remaining shoots and release date have all been postponed until the air clears.)

The late Colin Cameron as August Strindberg in the summer of 2011, filming a scene in Mineral Point, Wisconsin.


Original trailer released  October 14, 2013. (An updated version will be issued sometime in 2020.)

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