Monday, July 14, 2014

"No Sleep for Ronni" Secret Agent Alien Scene #1

Yesterday evening, our small crew gathered atop the roof of the Madison Senior Center to film the "spy" scene for our short, No Sleep for Ronni. Because we need evening light, it was the first of two shoots we'll be doing on the rooftop. Although we arrived on set at 4:00 pm and didn't leave until 9:00, we really only had about an hour and half of true filming time.

Veronica Narang in her "secret agent wear"...

Alter ego sprite...

Pre-shoot meeting...

Erik Witt was our cinematographer. Robert directed (and sometimes ran 2nd camera).

In addition to being the script supervisor and grip, Ivy Suryana also played Veronica's body double. Producer Colin Cameron multitasked too by running sound and clapper.

Images courtesy of Ivy Suryana and Veronica Narang.

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