Thursday, September 12, 2013

The Weather Report - Park Scene

The "park scene" concluded the near 12 hour-day of shooting for The Weather Report on this past August 24th. Several different sequences converged at this location in Madison's Circle Park. They would involve Don (Odari Kimani), Kenny (Jay Gabel), and Trudy (Veronica Harper).

First up were the Odari shots on the park bench. R-L: Odari, Jeff Blankenship (2nd camera), Michael O'Rourke (grip), Robert Lughai (director).

Andy Lindgren (boom), Ivy Suryana (sound), Kelly Lajter (script supervisor), Nicholas Wootton (production manager).

Veronica's car sequence was next. See more of her pics in an earlier blog post.

We still had good light for Jay's sidewalk scene where his character confronts two women (Karen Wheelock, Jenny Littel).

It was a race against time to get all the shots in before we lost the light. The day concluded with the last usable sun shining on our portable green screen as we hung Jay upside down from a swing set in front of it.

Tim James (PA), Craig Olsen (PA), Rick Richards (producer), Nate Lowe (PA).

Images courtesy of Colin Cameron and Kelly Lajter.

Both cast and crew once again worked long and tirelessly without complaint. It was a real pleasure to collaborate with such a professional ensemble.

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