Saturday, September 7, 2013

The Weather Report - Crowd Scene

Two weeks ago today we shot the "crowd scene" for The Weather Report. Here's a few productions pics from the shoot.

As he exits the building, Don (Odari Kimani) is confronted by news reporter Trudy Webster (Veronica Harper) and a throng of screaming fans, mostly women. Don slips down the steps, past the reporter and her camera operator (Jeff Blankenship), but he isn't as elusive with the waiting mob. His pants, in particular, don't fare too well.

Left: Nicholas Wootton (production manager), Nate Lowe (PA), Ken Wood (grip/sound); Right: Robert Lughai (director), Ivy Suryana (PA/sound).

Michael Haven (cinematographer), Veronica Harper (actor), Jeff Blankenship (key grip and stand-in actor).

On lower steps: Kelly Lajter (script supervisor), Odari Kimani (actor); Far right: Craig Olsen (PA/sound).

Crowd extras.

Far left: Tashai Lovington (Tarazod partner); Holding signs: Portia Genevieve Adney (actor) and Tara Ayres (actor); Hands on hips: Hannah Craig (actor).

Photos courtesy of Colin Cameron.

Addition image courtesy of Kelly Lajter.

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