Monday, September 9, 2013

The Weather Report - Bar Scene

Part of the full day of shooting for The Weather Report back on August 24th included a "bar scene". The Malt House on Madison's east side was the setting.

Productions stills...

The outside windows were covered with black plastic to imply an "evening" feel inside.

Our goal was to recreate the camera style of the opening table scene from Quentin Tarantino's Reservoir Dogs. To do this, we shot on a slider. Each actor's close-up was set up with the lights as we worked our way all around the table. Michael Haven (DP).

Actors around the table (beginning at 9 o'clock): Tara Ayres, Jay Gabel, Brian Belz, Tim Towne, Portia Genevieve Adney, Alicia McCanna, Odari Kimani. Crew L-R: Ivy Suryana (PA/sound), Robert Lughai (director), Michael Haven (DP), Jeff Blankenship (key grip), Michael O'Rourke (lighting grip).

The temperature outside was a scorcher, and the shoot was scheduled during the hottest part of the afternoon. Yes, we were inside, but after turning off the air conditioning (for sound recording) and firing up the multiple 1000 watt soft boxes, the place was cookin' by the time we were done.

Facing camera: Tim Towne, Portia Genevieve Adney, and Alicia McCanna. In the far background: Nicholas Wootton (production manager), Nate Lowe (PA).

Tim James on clapper, Ivy Suryana (PA/sound), Craig Olsen boom, and Kelly Lajter script supervisor.

Images courtesy of Colin Cameron.

Ivy Suryana (PA/sound), Veronica Harper (actor), Colin Cameron (set photographer).

Additional image courtesy of Kelly Lajter.

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