Friday, September 27, 2013

Promo for Fusion Science Theater

Tarazod was recently hired to shoot and edit several programs by the Fusion Science Theater, a non-profit organization that puts on educational performances for children.

They liked the intros and outros we created for the shows and so asked us to compile a promo which could be used on their website.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Strindberg's Assistent is Not Lost!

It was in the summer and fall of 2011 that we shot the footage for our short narrative, Strindberg's Assistant. A lot has happened since then, unforeseen events which delayed the post-production for far longer than we would have liked. Yet, two years later, we're happy to say that the project is still alive. The film's edit is progressing. Plus a trailer is near completion and will soon be released online.

Actors Georgia Curry and Patrick Garvey (as Katina and Bjorne) on location at the Livingston Inn in Madison.

Photo by Ivy Suryana

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Pickup Shots for The Weather Report

Yesterday, our skeleton crew worked through the few remaining pickup scenes for The Weather Report. The first location took place at the TV station office for our news reporter Trudy Webster (Veronica Harper). This was shot in the reception office at the village of Oregon cable access station.

L-R: Producer Rick Richards talks with Dan of the Oregon station; Veronica looks over her lines; cinematographer Michael Haven prepares to set up the first shot.

Robert goes over the scene with Veronica and Michael.


Next up: State Senator scene with actor Richard Russell. Location was back in Madison at Meriter Hospital's Bolz Auditorium.


Food break. L-R: Michael Haven, Rick Richards, Robert Lughai, Colin Cameron, Veronica Harper.


By early evening, we were finishing up the final scene which was filmed in the parking lot and lobby of the United Way. It was planned as one continuous shot and took a total team effort for our small crew to pull it off.

Rick monitored sound from the lav hidden on Veronica. (The hand held mic was just a prop.)

Michael would go with a "gorilla-cam" rather than a Glide Cam for ease of making adjustments on the camera as he moved from the outside setting to indoors.

After marking the shot with the clapper, Colin would follow along behind the camera to hold the door open for Michael to get thru.

Once they'd made it inside the vestibule, Robert (as the hand of the news camera operator) would pass the swipe key to Veronica whose character would then use it to unlock the second set of doors.

The scene ended with Veronica's character facing her camera operator, saying her lines, then entering the elevator. It took us several practice attempts to get all our actions down, but the final take was spot on!

All photos courtesy of Colin Cameron (except the one of himself with the clapboard, taken by Michael Haven)

Thursday, September 12, 2013

The Weather Report - Park Scene

The "park scene" concluded the near 12 hour-day of shooting for The Weather Report on this past August 24th. Several different sequences converged at this location in Madison's Circle Park. They would involve Don (Odari Kimani), Kenny (Jay Gabel), and Trudy (Veronica Harper).

First up were the Odari shots on the park bench. R-L: Odari, Jeff Blankenship (2nd camera), Michael O'Rourke (grip), Robert Lughai (director).

Andy Lindgren (boom), Ivy Suryana (sound), Kelly Lajter (script supervisor), Nicholas Wootton (production manager).

Veronica's car sequence was next. See more of her pics in an earlier blog post.

We still had good light for Jay's sidewalk scene where his character confronts two women (Karen Wheelock, Jenny Littel).

It was a race against time to get all the shots in before we lost the light. The day concluded with the last usable sun shining on our portable green screen as we hung Jay upside down from a swing set in front of it.

Tim James (PA), Craig Olsen (PA), Rick Richards (producer), Nate Lowe (PA).

Images courtesy of Colin Cameron and Kelly Lajter.

Both cast and crew once again worked long and tirelessly without complaint. It was a real pleasure to collaborate with such a professional ensemble.

Monday, September 9, 2013

The Weather Report - Bar Scene

Part of the full day of shooting for The Weather Report back on August 24th included a "bar scene". The Malt House on Madison's east side was the setting.

Productions stills...

The outside windows were covered with black plastic to imply an "evening" feel inside.

Our goal was to recreate the camera style of the opening table scene from Quentin Tarantino's Reservoir Dogs. To do this, we shot on a slider. Each actor's close-up was set up with the lights as we worked our way all around the table. Michael Haven (DP).

Actors around the table (beginning at 9 o'clock): Tara Ayres, Jay Gabel, Brian Belz, Tim Towne, Portia Genevieve Adney, Alicia McCanna, Odari Kimani. Crew L-R: Ivy Suryana (PA/sound), Robert Lughai (director), Michael Haven (DP), Jeff Blankenship (key grip), Michael O'Rourke (lighting grip).

The temperature outside was a scorcher, and the shoot was scheduled during the hottest part of the afternoon. Yes, we were inside, but after turning off the air conditioning (for sound recording) and firing up the multiple 1000 watt soft boxes, the place was cookin' by the time we were done.

Facing camera: Tim Towne, Portia Genevieve Adney, and Alicia McCanna. In the far background: Nicholas Wootton (production manager), Nate Lowe (PA).

Tim James on clapper, Ivy Suryana (PA/sound), Craig Olsen boom, and Kelly Lajter script supervisor.

Images courtesy of Colin Cameron.

Ivy Suryana (PA/sound), Veronica Harper (actor), Colin Cameron (set photographer).

Additional image courtesy of Kelly Lajter.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

The Weather Report - Crowd Scene

Two weeks ago today we shot the "crowd scene" for The Weather Report. Here's a few productions pics from the shoot.

As he exits the building, Don (Odari Kimani) is confronted by news reporter Trudy Webster (Veronica Harper) and a throng of screaming fans, mostly women. Don slips down the steps, past the reporter and her camera operator (Jeff Blankenship), but he isn't as elusive with the waiting mob. His pants, in particular, don't fare too well.

Left: Nicholas Wootton (production manager), Nate Lowe (PA), Ken Wood (grip/sound); Right: Robert Lughai (director), Ivy Suryana (PA/sound).

Michael Haven (cinematographer), Veronica Harper (actor), Jeff Blankenship (key grip and stand-in actor).

On lower steps: Kelly Lajter (script supervisor), Odari Kimani (actor); Far right: Craig Olsen (PA/sound).

Crowd extras.

Far left: Tashai Lovington (Tarazod partner); Holding signs: Portia Genevieve Adney (actor) and Tara Ayres (actor); Hands on hips: Hannah Craig (actor).

Photos courtesy of Colin Cameron.

Addition image courtesy of Kelly Lajter.