Monday, August 19, 2013

2nd Production Day on The Weather Report

You spend forever preparing the script for shooting...auditions, crew calls, locations, storyboards, shot lists, shoot schedules. Yet, no matter how organized and prepped you may be, things inevitability go wrong on set.

Not so with this one (knock on wood)! Sunday was the second day of production for The Weather Report, and it has been the smoothest shoot (so far) that Tarazod has ever been involved with. A dedicated cast and crew can do that.

Front: Kelly Lajter (script supervisor), Michael Haven, (cinematographer), Tara Ayres (actor); Rear: Robert Lughai (director), Michael O'Rourke (grip/sound), Ken Wood (grip/sound). Image by Rick Richards.

Front: Actors Brian Belz, Tara Ayres, Odari Kimani, Alicia McCanna.

Craig Olsen (PA), Robert Lughai, Michael Haven, Alicia McCanna.

Actors Jay Gabel + Brian Belz

Tim Towne (actor), Nathan Lowe (PA), Tara Ayres

Jeff Blankenship (2nd camera/grip), Odari Kimani, Nathan Lowe, Craig Olsen

Portia Adney (actor), Rick Richards (executive producer)

Simone LaPierre (makeup); Justin Schober (PA in Mickey shirt)

More production shots...

Photos by Colin Cameron (except where noted otherwise)

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