Saturday, March 16, 2013

BBB Premiere at 2013 Wildwood Film Fest

Our new short narrative/comedy Beast.Bike.Beauty. premiered Saturday afternoon at the Wildwood Film Festival in Appleton, Wisconsin.

Michael and Robert had a good time with the audience Q+A after the screening.



After the fest, we had dinner and drinks with several of our filmmaker friends to discuss the movies we saw and to hear their honest feedback about Beast.Bike.Beauty. Left to right: Michael Haven, Petrina Giese, Nicholas Wootton, Colin Cameron...

There was no shortage of spirits at the home bar where we all gathered.

Photos by Colin Cameron.

This was only the second time BBB has screened publicly. (The first was a test showing at the Froth House in Madison back in December 2012.) Sitting amongst a large audience is so damn helpful in learning if your edits actually work. The vibe of the crowd is palpable with the ebb and flow of the story.

At the December showing, we failed to elicit the big laugh we wanted at the film's climax. So we made the necessary adjustments and this time it worked. The crowd got it!

Now after today's Wildwood premiere, our group seemed to all agree on a few final edits that would help BBB hit it's stride. Michael and Robert will tweak it one last time before calling it finished.

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