Thursday, October 11, 2012

Edit Near Completion on Motorcycle Short

It was exactly one year ago today that Tarazod Films, in collaboration with Exchange Productions (EP), completed production on a short narrative film with the working title of Requiem Ride. Not long after, Robert laid down a rough cut edit on the timeline, and the project seemed to be progressing. In reality, that's where things stopped. The film had potential, but something was missing. Did we need more footage? A change in story? The answer was not apparent at the time. The project was shelved, and we moved onto other things.

Two days ago at the suggestion of long-time supporter Colin Cameron, Michael Haven of EP met with Robert to discuss the possibility of finishing the film. Now a year later, everything feels fresh again and the edit has begun in earnest. Other than a few seconds of time-lapsed photography, there's no need for additional footage. No story change is required either. The magic is back and we hope to have the edit completed by month's-end so as to begin film festival submissions.

To more accurately reflect the essence of the film, the title will be changed from Requiem Ride to something else. Not exactly sure though what that will be.

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