Saturday, June 9, 2012

Stalk This - The Ron Miles Blog

It was about two years ago that we first heard of Ben and his interest in a particular dark ride attraction at Walt Disney World. We'd stumbled across Stalk This!--the blog of Ben's father Ron Miles. There we read about Ron's autistic son and the passion Ben had for Disney's Snow White character. It wasn't long before Robert had contacted Ron with a request to do a serious of blog posts for the Filmic Light site--The Boy Who's Experienced the Scary Adventures Nearly 3200 Times!

Now after the closure of the Scary Adventures ride last week, Ron's blog has received loads of hits from people interested in Ben's story. So much so that Ron is now considering writing a book. Read Ron's six-part firsthand account of the amazing final night for Ben at his favorite dark ride.

Also see stills and video on the Filmic Light from Robert's account of the final days.

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