Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Requiem Ride

Winters in Wisconsin can...and often do...suck.

Hardly ideal conditions--particularly for filmmakers looking to do something other than another ski movie. So when the weather is sunny, warm and pleasant, as it has been here for the past week, it's imperative to shoot while the shootin' is good. This is just what we did.

For the last three days, filmmaker Michael Haven of Exchange Productions joined us here at Tarazod Films in yet another collaborative movie effort. What we needed was a script that could be captured in just one day.

So both Mike and Robert conspired together and came up with a short story, a tale of loss and renewal and a pair of wheels. The script, storyboard, and shot list were all completed by Sunday evening, and shooting on Requiem Ride would begin early Monday morning.

The movie stars Michael as a motorcycle-riding dude without a reason to live. There's also an appearance by Tashai at the climax of the film.

While we'd hoped to be completed in one day of filming, things took longer than expected. Another shoot day was added today, and by this afternoon, the movie was in the can!

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