Tuesday, October 4, 2011

First Press for Strindberg Film

Two weekends ago, we were shooting scenes at the Livingston Inn for our Strindberg's Assistant project. While there, we noticed that the owners of this Madison Bed and Breakfast, David and Peggy Furlan, were being interviewed in another part of the house by well-known Wisconsin State Journal writer Doug Moe.

Peggy and David Furlan. Photo by Jeanan Yasiri.

It's an old home, and at the time, we had two separate light kits in use. So it was inevitable that at some point, we'd be tripping a circuit breaker. It happened twice, both times during the Moe interview with the Furlan's. It wasn't on purpose, of course, but it is one way of getting noticed.

Doug inquired as to what the heck we were doing out there, and as a result, we ended up receiving a few paragraphs of ink within the Furlan's piece.
Four months on, they [the Furlans] are open for business and things have calmed down at the Livingston Inn. That's if you don't count the film crew that took over the first floor last Sunday morning, and, literally, blew a fuse.

The production company that made "Mad City Chickens" is filming a period piece titled "Strindberg's Assistant" and shooting in the house. The film is set in 1910 Stockholm and modern day America. The Gothic Revival mansion built in Madison in the 1850s was deemed a perfect backdrop.

On Sunday, Dave and Peggy told the film crew where to find the fuse box, and then repaired to a sitting area off the back of the house to discuss their ongoing adventure with the historic property that's known as the Leitch House, at least when it's not known as the Harman House.
Cool beans! Read the entire article at the WSJ site.

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