Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Making the Switch to Adobe Premiere

2011 has been a year of upgrades for Tarazod Films. Several months ago we finally took the dive into HD with the purchase of a Canon 7D camera. While it's not a perfect video solution, being a DSLR, the camera was "affordable". And we're totally excited about the stunning image results we're getting.

On the post-production side of things, we've also been well overdue for a replacement to our 6 year old Mac tower. However, as long as we were in a position where we needed both computer and software upgrades, we decided to wait. We wanted to see what the new Apple release of the Final Cut Pro X editing software looked like before moving forward with our purchases. Now we're so glad we did.

There's a lot of interesting and potentially dynamic functions in the the new FCP, but frankly, it's not a professional program. We're tired of waiting on Apple to finally come through with the editing program that gives pros what they need. So we're not waiting anymore. We're making the switch!

Not only are we going to take advantage of Adobe's current 50% off offer on their CS5.5 Production Suite, but we're dumping Mac altogether. We're going to build our own beefy PC editing machine at a fraction of the cost that a new Mac tower would have set us back.

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