Monday, May 23, 2011

Water For Elephants Circus Wagons

These are just a few of the wagons that were on display at the Circus World Museum before the premiere of Water for Elephants in Baraboo. The Benzini Brothers is the fictitious name created for the story. The authentic wagons were shipped to Hollywood (along with the museum's director) where each one was painted for the film. After shooting was completed, the wagons came back to Baraboo. They will all eventually be restored to their original designs except for one which was created new just for the movie.

Benzini Brothers Circus Wagons

In addition to the Hollywood wagons, the Circus World Museum has an extensive collection of other authentic wagons from a variety of circus troupes including the Ringling Brothers. Here's just a few...

Authentic Circus Wagons

One wagon in particular caught our attention, the snake wagon. It was used in parades where the snake lady would sit in the center between the glass windows while a menagerie of reptiles slithered about her...

Snake Wagon

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