Sunday, May 8, 2011

Article/Review of Our Film in Hobby Farms' "Chickens" Magazine!

Recently, BowTie, Inc., the publishers of Hobby Farms, a popular periodical for the small-scale farmer and back-to-land enthusiast, came out with a brand new magazine. Hot of the presses, Chickens, is a response to the growing popularity of the backyard poultry movement.

We were contacted back in January by Rober Sipe, the editor of the new periodical, inquiring if he could interview us about our Mad City Chickens film and also if he coule have a review copy sent to him. We responded, but then kind of forgot about it all as time went by...until this month.

The new Chickens summer 2011 issue has hit the newsstands and our interview is featured in an article as well as a raving review of the film. Roger must have liked what he saw. Read the entire piece below.


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