Friday, June 4, 2010

Saki Country: Images From Devonshire, UK - Part III

Roughly 3 miles from the town of Barnstable is Heanton Punchardon. It is here that a young H.H. Munro moved to with his aunts. The house is said to still be standing and is haunted to boot! However local inquiries about Saki revealed little. Apparently, the well-known writer is not so known in his own childhood stomping grounds. It is over a 110 years ago.

North Devon landscape en route to Heanton.

Colin Cameron's quest to learn more about the early landscape and living quarters of H.H. Munro led to what could quite possibly be the estate once owned by the Munros. Now an old folks home in Heanton, the architecture of this building appeared to fit the time period and upper crust class standards of the family. Certainly the ancient church and cemetery which lie next door are from a very early age.

 Old folks home in Heanton.

Home in view of historic church (above) and cemetery (below).

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