Monday, May 3, 2010

Kelley Baker Film Workshop and Documentary

The Angry Filmmaker, Kelley Baker, is back in town from Portland to do a documentary film workshop in conjunction with Jim Carrier and the Wisconsin Film School. The course involves 3 days of instruction for the students then several more days of field shooting over the next month. Robert is one of the crew leaders and will be overseeing one of the 3 filmmaking teams.

Kelley Baker (far left) with the creative team and a couple students after class

The goal is to create a film documenting three different disabled individuals as they prepare to be contestants in a "Fashion Show for All Abilities". The film (and workshop) will culminate on May 27th with the taping of the actual show.

The film will be directed by Kelley Baker and produced by Jess Haven (front left in above image).

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