Friday, May 28, 2010

Fashion Show For All Abilities: More Pics

Student Dennis Shaffer on main center stage camera

WFS Director Jim Carrier and wife Trish

Fashion Show in progress (above and below)

Post show pic: film crew team (L-R) Erika Pelishek, Kevin Fosler, Sally Young, Dennis Shaffer, Anthony Williams II, and Jess Haven with model Mike (center)

Post show pic: film crew team Matthew Morrow, Nicholas Wooton, Mike Haven, Jim Carrier (holding model Lexi) and Barbi Hilleshiem

Post show pic: film crew team (front) Peter Wooton, Carla Griffin, Robert Lughai (rear) Jennifer Fetterly, Kevin Fosler; model Wendy (not pictured)

Post show pic: WFS students and instructors

Wrap party: (L-R) Nicholas Wooton, Peter Wooton, Barbi Hilleshiem

Wrap party: (L-R) Jim Carrier, Kelley Baker, Vince Colombo

Wrap party: (L-R) Mike Haven, Jess Haven, Tashai Lovington

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Fashion Show For All Abilities: Final Shoot

Kelley Baker flew in yesterday from Portland to prepare to direct the final shoot of the latest Wisconsin Film School workshop: The Fashion Show for All Abilities. Tonight was the actual show and the culmination of the month-long documentary project.

Kelley Baker with students Matthew Morrow and Nicholas Wootton

WFS Director Jim Carrier with students Dennis Shaffer and Mike Haven

Pre-show set ups

Behind the curtain: pre-show makeup and interviews (above and below)

Kelley Baker going over last minute details with student Sally Young; Mike, Robert and Barbi taping in background

Back Stage during show: (L-R) Carla Griffin, Peter Wooton, Jennifer Fetterly

Back Stage during show (L-R) Mike Haven, Anthony Williams II (above and below), and Erika Pelishek (below)

Sound designer Vince Colombo (above) and student Mike Haven (below)

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Fashion Field Shoot: Day Three

The Fashion Show For All Abilities documentary shoot continued today with crew #1 paying another visit to the home of our subject Wendy. B-roll was the quest. Then the shoot continued at a nearby grocery store as Wendy went shopping on camera.

L-R: Wendy with Field Producer Jennifer.

L-R: Carla (sound), Kevin (camera), Peter (lighting)
Photos by Nicholas Wooten.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Fashion Field Shoot: Day Two

Crew #1 and our subject Wendy from yesterday--Day 2 of the Wisconsin Film School documentary field shoot for the Fashion Show for All Abilities (FSFAA).

Bonus pic (below) from additional shoot last interview with Chantel, the founder of FSFAA.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Lotte Reiniger - Queen of the Silhouette

Fourteen years prior to the premiere of Walt Disney's Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs as the world's first feature-length animated film, work had begun on another "world's first" animated feature. It was 1923. Lotte Reiniger, a young German filmmaker, set out to create The Adventures of Prince Achmed, a film based on "The One Thousand and One Nights", but rather than hand drawing every frame of her characters, she cut-out silhouette paper puppets with movable joints.

Reiniger worked for three years on the film with her husband Carl Koch as well as animator Bertold and background artist Walter Rutman. 
The paper cutouts were jointed using wires and delicately arranged on top of a lightbox, where it was photographed frame by frame.
Source: ASIFA-Hollywood Animation Archive
The film was finished in 1926 and featured a complete symphonic score by Wolfgang Zeller.

An early example of a multiplane camera that was later developed by Walt Disney

The film was released in 2002 to DVD which also includes Lotte Reiniger: Homage to the Inventor of the Silhouette Film, a 60-minute documentary by Katja Raganelli.

In 2008, Lotte Reiniger, The Fairy Tale Films was released on PAL DVD in the UK and includes such classics as Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, and The Frog Prince.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Colin Cameron: Man of Many Hats

Colin Cameron is an actor, producer, writer, bibliographer, artist, photographer, musician and entrepreneur. We first met him shortly before the premiere of Buckystein in 2006. 

Buckystein Poster. Copyright LaFayette Productions

Buckystein, the brainchild of filmmaker Geoff Lafayette, was a purposely low-budgeted B-movie-ish short "feature" film in which Colin was asked at the last minute to step in to play the lead role after the other actor failed to show. Robert ended up doing the DVD authoring for the film and the working relationship with Colin thus began.

In July of 2007, as part of the production of Mad City Chickens, we included a "Giant Chicken" narrative, a fictional vignette nestled within the rest of the documentary. Colin was the lead in this piece.

Mad City Chickens images copyright Tarazod Films

Then in September 2009, our paths crossed when Colin was again playing a lead role, this time as Rusty the hot dog vendor in the Kelley Baker-directed mustard movie Hits. Both Robert and Tashai worked as part of the creative team on the film.

Colin Cameron as Rusty; Hits 2009; Image by Jim Carrier.

Now Tarazod Films is teaming up with Colin Cameron once again, but this time he'll be engaged (primarily) behind the scenes. We're in discussions on a future project, a narrative period piece based on three short stories by Saki. It's certainly our most serious and ambitious undertaking to date, and Colin will be intimately involved from the beginning. It's still unclear if we'll actually pursue this project, but at least we're kicking the idea around together.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Asheville Screens Mad City Chickens This Evening

~May 13th Asheville, North Carolina - Public Screening presented by Mother Hen's Chicken Club - 7:30pm Lexington Avenue Brewery, 39 N. Lexington Avenue.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

"Chickens" Roost in Racine Tonight

~May 11th Racine, Wisconsin - Public Screening of Mad City Chickens presented by Belle City Chickens - 7:00pm Root River Education Center, 1301 West 6th Street.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Fashion Field Shoot: Day One

First day of shooting on the documentary project, Fashion Show for All Abilities. Our Wisconsin Film School student crew headed to the home of our subject, Wendy. She welcomed us into her apartment where we conducted interviews and shot b-roll.

Images via Kevin Fosler's MobileMe gallery.

Crew members: L-R
(front) Carla, Jennifer, Robert; (rear) Peter, Wendy--our subject, Kevin.

Crew included:
Jennifer Fetterly...Field Producer/Interviewer
Kevin Fosler...Camera
Carla Griffin...Sound
Peter Wooten...Lights
Robert Lughai...Field Instructor

Saturday, May 8, 2010

MCC Returns to Bend, OR

~May 8th Bend, Oregon - Public Screening of Mad City Chickens presented by Celebrate the Season: Your Backyard Farm Center - 7:00pm Second Street Theater.