Sunday, April 18, 2010

Wisconsin Film Festival: Waking Sleeping Beauty

We attended the Wisconsin Film Festival in Madison this weekend and saw some great films:

Between 1984-1994, an amazing thing happened at Walt Disney Animations--they learned (or remembered) how to make great films again. The documentary Waking Sleeping Beauty tells how it happened, and we loved it. The film was directed by Don Hahn and produced by Peter Schneider. Hahn produced such films as Beauty and the Beast and The Lion King while Schneider was employed for 17 years at the Walt Disney Company where he held several titles including President of Animation and Chairman of the Studio. Peter was present at the festival to introduce the film and answer questions afterward.

Peter Schneider at the Wisconsin Film Festival

During the Q and A session, Peter Schneider spoke about a segment in the documentary where Roy Disney Jr. stood up for the animators during a time when they were not getting the credit they deserved. Schneider explained that this was probably a result of how Roy's father, Roy O. Disney never received much credit being in the shadow of his brother Walt. Listen to the mp3 audio clip.

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