Wednesday, July 8, 2009

88 year-old Ojai woman loves Mad City Chickens

We're sometimes asked if our Mad City Chickens documentary was influenced by other chicken films. There aren't a lot of other chicken films out there, but we did watch what we could find. Yet surprisingly, what influenced us the most was a film on big wave surfing. Riding Giants is a documentary directed by Stacy Peralta. We aren’t surfers, and yet we loved this film. Why? Because of the way the piece was told. Keep it moving, keep it fun, and touch the audience with a story worth telling.

So we became inspired to make a chicken film that would appeal not only to the urban sustainability audience, but to a wider uninitiated crowd as well. And it seems to have worked. We’ve gotten a number of emails similar to this one from a fan in Ojai, California:

I showed MCC to my 88-year old mother and 92-year old goddess-mother last week (neither of whom give a hoot about chickens or gardening) and they absolutely loved the film. The ghoulish Twilight Zone narrator is one of my favorite elements of the film...and the sci-fi monster bit was priceless. 

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