Friday, May 29, 2009

Baraboo screening a success: Girls moving city closer to allowing chickens

Two young teens, Maia, 14 and Lydia, 13, are leading the citizens of Baraboo, Wisconsin ever closer to finally getting their backyard chickens. Last night, they hosted a public screening of the Mad City Chickens documentary to a crowd of over 60 enthusiastic supporters.

Baraboo, a municipality of about 11,000, currently prohibits the keeping of poultry in the city. But that could change with the efforts of these two girls. They’ve been on a 4 month-long campaign to legalize backyard chickens, and even though they presented to the city administrative council once before and were rejected, they have not given up. (Urban chicken groups take note.)

It’s all stemming from this green and sustainable movement that’s going across the whole country, and even the whole world, right now, Maia said. Allowing residents the opportunity to raise small flocks of chickens for healthy food and local food goes hand in hand with us being an eco-muncipality.

We have now been gathering lots of community support through displays, petitions, etc. and are scheduled to go back before the council on June 2.

Keep up the good work Maia and Lydia! You’re a shining example for the many others wanting to bring urban chickens back to their communities.

Lydia and Maia (holding chicken) with the filmmakers

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