Saturday, January 10, 2009

Milwaukee Sound Stage

Tashai recently attended the grand opening of RDI stages, a brand new film sound stage located in Milwaukee. The facility consists of two separate buildings making up (6) individual studio spaces. The largest sound stage is available for rent to the filmmaking community.

“Each building is clear span, with 35-ft. ceiling height. Together they offer a total of four ’sound-dampened’ stages – the largest is 4,800-sq. ft., 5,000 amps, a two-wall cyc, dressing rooms, production offices, editing rooms, conference rooms, a working kitchen, overhead doors and cranes.”
~Excerpt from Reel Dec, 16, 2008.

On hand for the opening ceremonies were representatives from local production and rental houses including one that was showing off the the new Red One digital camera.
...and for the “real” film lovers, the Arri.

Also present was film and TV actor Tony Shalhoub, who is originally from Green Bay, WI. You may know him from Men In Black, Spy Kids, Paulie, or Monk, among others. “Hi Tony.”

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