Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Final Master of Chicken DVD

It’s been months in the works, but the final master of the Mad City Chickens DVD is almost complete. It all started with the observation of people’s reactions to the film at film festivals and screenings. We learned what worked and what needed trimming. The re-edit of the documentary has been an ongoing process. So much so that no one (other than us) has actually seen the final version (the last edit was just completed about two weeks ago).

Bringing evetthing together and editing the special features for the DVD has been another part of the work. We shot over 40 hours of footage for the documentary (which has a running time of approximately 80 minutes), so we are quite happy to be able to include as extras interviews and footage that couldn’t make it into the film because of time constraints. In addition, new footage was also shot as part of the Making of Mad City Chickens featurette. Over an hour of extras will be on the DVD including deleted scenes, chicken tips, trailers, an alternate beginning, and more.

In addition to putting all the clips together, editing, color correcting, audio adjustments and such, we’ve also been authoring the DVD (menus, audio tracks, still images) and creating the artwork for the DVD cover, label and insert.

It’s literally been years in the making, but we’ll be putting the finishing touches on everything in the next few days. If all checks out, the master will be sent off to the replication house. Look for the official DVD release in early March!

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