Friday, October 24, 2008

PBS chicken interview to air October 25th

We were interviewed back in August by Charles Monroe-Kane, host of the Wisconsin Public Television show Director’s Cut. We talked about our documentary, Mad City Chickens, showed clips from the film and even had live chickens on set.

WPT has informed us that the show is scheduled to be aired on their analog channel this Saturday evening October 25th at 10:00 pm. It will also be airing five times on their digital Wisconsin Channel from 10/24-10/27. And for anyone outside of the WPT viewing area, the show will soon be uploaded to their website.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Emmy Fink interview for the CW Network

The new expanded Madison chicken ordinance has garnered a bit of attention. Earlier today Emmy Fink, the feature story reporter for the CW Network interviewed longtime Madison chicken owner Amy Liem along with the both of us. Amy, who appears in our Mad City Chickens documentary, spoke about how she first got into chickens. We talked about the new city ordinance and how our film helped influence its authoring.

Emmy Fink interviews Amy Liem

Tashai, Mallory Wagman (intern), Emmy Fink, Cory Udler (camera), Robert

The interview piece will air in November during The Daily Buzz show on the Madison CW Network, broadcast channel 57, cable channel 2. We’ll post more details when we have them.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Kelley Baker - The Angry Filmmaker comes to town

We spent the weekend at a fantastic filmmaking workshop presented by the Wisconsin Film School and featured Portland-based Angry Filmmaker--Kelley Baker. Two solid days of instruction in the art of low-budget movie-making. Everything from pre-production planning to independent distribution, Kelly knows his stuff. He’s a veteran industry sound designer on such films as MY OWN PRIVATE IDAHO, GOOD WILL HUNTING, and FINDING FORRESTER.
Jim Carrier (WFS Director), Robert, Tashai, Kelley Baker (The Angry Filmmaker)

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Final Episode of Not Docs airs this month

Not Docs is a television show for the lover of independent short films. Produced by Robert, it has run for the last two seasons on WYOU Madison’s channel 4 (now digital 991). Each episode showcases the work of one or more independent filmmakers with a focus on narratives, experimental and art films rather than documentary…hence the name of the show. But after two years, Robert is ready to move onto new film projects so this month will be the final airing of Not Docs before it goes into repeats.

And it’ll be ending with a bang!

Indie filmmaker Eric Lim’s sci-fi, action-packed, monster invading Zero Trooper-F premiered to a pumped up crowd at the 2008 Wisconsin Film Festival. Now you can see it this month on Not Docs! The film features an appearance by Matt Sloan of youtube’s Chad Vader fame.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Mad City Chickens invited to screen at BC film festival

Our film Mad City Chickens was recently invited to screen at the Urban Issues Film Festival in British Columbia. In it’s third year, the festival links the World Town Planning Day with such issues as food security, hence the backyard chickens theme. This year’s fest is scheduled for November 21st in Nanaimo, B.C.