Monday, November 12, 2007

Wading Deep into Chicken…Post Production

At some point in the process of filmmaking, all producers of feature-length movies come to know the meaning of the unattainable three: CHEAP-FAST-QUALITY

Unless you are extraordinarily charmed, you can have two, but not all three.
  • You can make a film FAST, but if you want QUALITY, it won’t come CHEAP.
  • You can always shoot a CHEAP film FAST, but you sacrifice QUALITY.
  • Finally, you can produce a high QUALITY movie on the CHEAP, but it won’t come FAST.

It takes TIME or MONEY to make a good feature-length film. As we approach the 2.5 year mark of Mad City Chickens, we obviously have gone with the TIME option. Now in the thick of post-production, we’re racing against film festival submission deadlines to get the movie done! We are hard at work applying a slew of cuts and fine-tune edits on a daily and nightly basis. We can only hope that viewers will think it was worth the wait.

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