Current Project

TITLE: No Sleep for Ronni (in production and post)
FORM: Narrative Short
GENRE: Sci-Fi/Fantasy
RUN TIME: 30 minutes
SHOOTING FORMAT: High Definition

SYNOPSIS: Ronni is afflicted with chronic nightmares... has been for most of her adult life. Social anxieties and self esteem issues have been the result. Nothing helps--until one day she receives an unexpected invite to partake in a clinical study on sleep disorders. Reluctantly she agrees. That's when the nightmare really begins.

TAGLINE: Take hold of your dreams... before the chip implant does it for you.

Main Cast:
  • VERONICA NARANG - Ronni Dempster
  • TIM TOWNE - Dr. Bly
  • PORTIA ADNEY - Ms. Slovak
  • BRYAN ROYSTON - Douglas
  • COLIN CAMERON - Dr. Cillion
  • ERNEST DIDDE ESTEBAN - Egyptian High Priest

What's happening:
  • Will be finishing production in the Madison, Wisconsin area in November 2018
  • Wrapped on our Phoenix, Arizona shoots in August 2018
  • Post-production edit is progressing with the footage we've already shot

*UPDATE: More info and media to be added as the edit of the film gets closer to completion. In the meantime, see our No Sleep for Ronni blog post thread for the latest updates.

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