TITLE: La Fée Rouge (2006)
FORM: Narrative Short GENRE: Fantasy (faux-documentary)
RUN TIME: 06 min : 14 sec
SHOOTING FORMAT: Standard Definition (mini-DV)
SYNOPSIS: A fantasy short which peers into the enchanted hidden world of doll-remakes. Discarded and alone, the plastic protagonist must undergo a rite-of-passage in order to discover her true nature.
TAGLINE: You'll never look at fashion dolls the same way again.



SCREENINGS: 2006 Melbourne Independent Filmmaker Festival (Winner - Best Documentary Short), 2007 PBS ITVS/Independent Lens Film Festival (Winner - Audience Award), 2007 Heritage Film & Video Festival, 2008 HDFest, 2008 Underground Film.

1/5/2007 Isthmus Daily Page article by Kristian Knutsen
2/9/2007 Isthmus Daily Page article by Kristian Knutsen

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