TITLE: Don Circles the Drain: Surviving Access TV in 10 Easy Steps (2015)
FORM: Narrative Short  GENRE: Comedy
RUN TIME: 09 min : 21 sec
SHOOTING FORMAT: High Definition
SYNOPSIS: Fired from his job in radio, Don turns to access television to jump-start his career. Little does he know what chaos awaits him.
TAGLINE: When all else fails, there's always access TV.
LINKS: press kit & poster, IMDb 
PARTNERS: Co-produced with C Side Films LLC



SCREENINGS: 2016 Wildwood Film Festival (Winner - Best Comedy); 2016 Cleveland-area Epp Indie Theatre; 2016 Driftless Film Festival; 2017 Critical Edge Film Festival, 2017 Mayfair Theatre in Ottawa, Canada; plus several other independent screenings.

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