Friday, August 10, 2018

It's a Wrap on the Final Arizona Scenes!

This past Wednesday (8-8-2018), our Phoenix unit completed all of their remaining pickup shots for No Sleep for Ronni. Robert directed via FaceTime, Veronica Narang and Nadine Jackson went through a couple of different wardrobe changes, Terry Hogan ran camera, and Steve Fellheimer fulfilled both grip and sound duties, plus he shot some behind-the-scenes pics as well.

Feels great to have this portion of the movie finished. Now we can turn our attention on the remaining Wisconsin scenes to be completed over the next month.

Friday, August 3, 2018

Check Off Another Arizona Scene!

Today we continued our drive to complete No Sleep for Ronni. Producer Veronica Narang oversaw another shoot in Phoenix. The scene featured Nadine Jackson as nurse Nia in a turning point in the story. T'nia Harris ran camera and captured some dynamic shots.

L-R: Nadine, Veronica, T'nia.

Sunday, July 29, 2018

All-Important "Boardroom Scene" Completed Yesterday

Boom! Another scene is now in the can for No Sleep For Ronni! Yesterday, we shot the Boardroom Scene, part of the movie's climactic sequence. Ms. Slovak, played by Portia Adney, overseas a presentation to six upper crust international investors. The roles of these well-healed characters were performed by Casem AbuLughod, Doug Reed, Louis Sather, Ricky Hunjan, Neelam Kerkela, and Andy Glaysher.

Group photo supplied by Janet Kjelland. 

Our location was the conference room at the Sun Prairie Library. Jeff Buss brought his expertise and gear to the set as the DP. Jeff Blankenship split duties between AC and key grip. Ryan Meunier was the sound technician. Janet Kjelland wore several hats as script supervisor, grip, and craft service, while Robert was director.

Set photos courtesy of Portia Adney.

Thursday, July 26, 2018

Prepping for More "No Sleep For Ronni" Shoots

Robert met yesterday with a couple members of the Wisconsin cast of No Sleep For Ronni--Portia Adney and Ricky Hunjan. We're getting ready for a big shoot this Saturday. Portia plays a villain, Ms. Slovak, who's looking to procure increased funding from a group of wealthy investors. Ricky plays one of the six investors.

Deciding on which wig to go with.

Copyright Portia Adney.

Young wealth.

Copyright Ricky Hunjan.

We also did a couple test shots with Portia for a later scene that involves her character driving a BMW through the streets of Paris.

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Successful "Ronni" Shoot in Phoenix

This past Wednesday, we had another successful shoot for No Sleep For Ronni. The Phoenix, Arizona location was generously provided by the Director of Photography, Terry Hogan. He also happened to provided the video gear to shoot it with including his Canon C200. Also on crew was Steve Fellhiemer who ran second camera as well as taking on grip and photographer duties. Micha Jackson was invaluable as the production assistant who carried around the iPhone so director, Robert Lughai, could be present from his Madison, WI location.


The shoot was broken up into two parts. First we filmed Nadine Jackson who plays Nurse Nia, the hero's ally. We knocked off four different scenes throughout the house, plus a couple on green screen. None of these required audio recording so our shoot times were expedited greatly.


The second half of the shoot featured Veronica Narang and Ernest Didde Esteban in an Egyptian sequence. The scenes reoccur throughout the film, so we needed numerous different takes, all on green screen and again without the need for sound recording. Got them all in before the wardrobe started to fall apart, just barely.


We're starting to get the hang of this long distance production. And of course working with an experienced cast and crew like this truly makes everything flow much smoother.