Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Mad City Chickens - Full Movie

It was ten years ago today that our feature-length documentary, Mad City Chickens, made its world premiere at the Wisconsin Film Festival in Madison. Now for the first time, you can see the full movie online.

Thursday, February 1, 2018

“No Sleep For Ronni” Awakens From Hibernation

We have three films we’re working on this year. It’s the same three we’ve been working on for several years. Strindberg's Assistant, Benjamin's Ride, and No Sleep For Ronni. All are in various stages of completion, each inching forward clip by clip.

The most recent advancement has been with No Sleep For Ronni, a project that sat on the shelf for over a year. The reasons for the delay were many, but probably the most significant was good story--or rather a lack of it.

The tale we were telling just wasn't satisfying. We had good acting from the lead, Veronica Narang. And good footage and production values. Yet something was missing. Until now.

In late January, inspiration struck! A new idea came, one that connects our characters to ancient Egypt. Without giving away too much just yet, we can say it was a simple solution with a monumental impact on the story.

Image via Wikimedia Commons.

The climatic scene that we filmed back in 2014 will now been moved near the beginning of the movie. Instead, we have a totally new ending. Some roles will be expanded, including Veronica’s. And additional characters will be introduced too. Stayed tuned for more updates.

Friday, January 26, 2018

Additional Recording for Shiatsu Video

In November 2017, we shot footage for a Shiatsu instructional video for practitioner Donna Boucher. Over the last month, we have been working closely with her on the project edit. Today, we filmed an introduction which featured Donna, and we also recorded her voice-over narration. The edit is nearing completion.

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Work Continues on "Strindberg's Assistant"

Micheal Holly was visiting from Brazil this past week, so we took advantage of the opportunity to hash out some of the story issues we've been having on the Strindberg's Assistant project. It was a very productive couple of work sessions.

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Shiatsu Instructional Video Shoot

Today we shot footage for an instructional video that Tarazod is producing on the Japanese bodywork system of shiatsu. Donna Boucher has been a practitioner of the art for well over 20 years. She also teachers courses to other bodyworkers and will be using this video to aid her students.

Tashai was the body model for Donna to demonstrate on. Cynthia Nolen directed and ran camera. She is a veteran of television work and happens to also be a practitioner of bodywork herself. Robert ran behind the scenes keeping things moving smoothly.

Robert will now bring the footage into the editing program to begin post-production work, which will also include a couple sessions of voice-over with Donna.