Saturday, November 17, 2018

That's a Wrap on Ms. Slovak!

Portia Adney was brought on to our No Sleep for Ronni project back in July. Her character, Ms. Slovak, is a hard-edged adversary to both the protagonist Ronni Dempster (played by Veronica Narang) and also the antagonist Dr. Bly (Tim Towne).

Today, we successfully completed the last of Portia's scenes. The principal photography is now finished! All that remains are several pickup shots and a few voice over sessions with other actors. These will be recorded once the edit has progressed far enough in post production so that we'll know exactly what is needed.

Today's crew (L to R):

Script Supervisor - Susan Rathke
Production Assistant - David Rodrick
Production Assistant - Cameron Flynn
Actor - Portia Adney
2nd Assistant Camera/Craft Services - Nicholas Wootton
Director - Robert Lughai
Assistant Director - Victoria Siebold
Camera Operator - Jeff Buss
Craft Services - Jill Wootton (not pictured)

Special thanks to Bill White and Barbara Bolan for their assistance in securing our location. And to the Glass Nickel Pizza Co. in Madison for supporting our project with great food.

Saturday, October 6, 2018

Restocking the Gear Room

Added a much needed chroma key green to the gaffer tape supply. Also increased the spring clamp count and purchased a new Elvid slate too.

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Wrap on Victoria's Narration Scene

Yesterday, we recorded the remaining dialog for the "investor promotional film" that takes place in No Sleep for Ronni. The narrator is played by Victoria Siebold. She did an excellent job!

Thanks to Nicholas and Jill Wootton for use of their "studio".

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Big Push to Knockoff Remaining "Ronni" Scenes

September 11 - Corporate Promo Video. Near the beginning of the No Sleep for Ronni story, a classified promotional film is screened for a select group of high level investors. The narrator for this promo is played by Victoria Siebold. We shot her on-screen lines at the Central Library in Madison.

September 13 - Computer Tech Scenes. Bryan Royston plays Douglas, a computer operator who runs the experimental sessions at a private research facility. Our shoot location was the Sun Prairie Media Center. Victoria returned to help out on crew, as did our PA Cameron Flynn.

September 14 - Research Facility. Shot more scenes with Bryan, this time back at the Madison Central Library and the downtown Madison College building.

September 15 - Dr. Bly's Office. Tim Towne plays Dr. Bly, the head of the private research facility. It was nearly a 16 hour day but we got all of his scenes shot. They included one with Bryan Royston and a couple others with Susan Rathke who plays a medical staffer. Susan also worked behind the scenes along with Cameron. Our location was at the downtown offices of WI-AIMH. Special thanks to Melissa Minkoff for securing permission.

Several pickup shots are still needed, plus one last major scene with Ms. Slovak (Portia Adney). These probably won't be completed until our location comes available in either October or November. But we are in the final stretch of production and it feels really, really good!

Monday, September 10, 2018

Production Picking Up - "Close Friend" Scene

Tonight we shot another scene for our project, No Sleep for Ronni. As the story builds towards its climax, Nurse Nia, played by Nadine Jackson, has a final phone conversation with her close friend, played by Melissa Minkoff.

Just over a month ago, we shot Nadine's side of the conversation in Phoenix. Tonight we completed the scene with Melissa here in Madison.

Special thanks to script supervisor Janet Kjelland for providing the location and snapping a few BTS pics.