Tuesday, June 27, 2017

2017 Mad City Vegan Fest Completed

Tarazod was hired to shoot and edit the 2017 Mad City Vegan Fest which occurred Saturday June 17th at the Alliant Energy Center in Madison. A four-camera set-up, the all-day event included six different presentations including a panel discussion and cooking demo. We recently finished the edit  and uploaded the finished videos to the Mad City Vegan Fest channel.

Here's a clip of a last minute sound check before presenter Neal Barnard M.D. spoke to the audience.

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Craigslist Equipment

Quality video and filmmaking equipment is scandalously expensive. Period! Except when it isn't. Enter Craigslist. The online classifieds site has its fair share of scammers and just plain weirdos. Yet, if you learn to weed through these lowlifes, you can on occasion land some real good deals.

We recently added to our gear for commercial projects. Purchased another Sony NX5U camera and a Monfrotto 290 xtra carbon fiber tripod. Both are in nice condition...the tripod looks near new. And both were gotten at half the price of their current value. Very pleased with these additions.

As a bonus, the Sony came with a detachable HXR-FMU128 128GB flash memory unit, a $300-400 value used.

Having matching cameras on a multi-camera shoot makes the footage so much easier to work with in post.

A few years ago, we'd purchased a used small Manfrotto fluid head. Now we finally have a tripod to go with it. A lightweight combo that should work well on gigs that require air travel .

Friday, May 19, 2017

The Anatomy of Story

Whether our video ventures are fiction, documentary, or commercial, our passion lies in their cinematic storytelling. Our goal has always been to entertain and evoke. This is true even for the educational and non-profit projects we do. If an audience enjoys what they are seeing, they keep watching.

At the behest of friend and fellow filmmaker, Michael Holly of Exchange Productions, we started studying the work of story consultant John Truby. His book, The Anatomy of Story, and his online video content is concise and almost mathematical in its clarity. Highly recommended.

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Deciphering Movie Posters

Imgur user, LamerisiremaL, recently posted a fascinating look at Hollywood posters and what they can tell us at just a glance. We found this interesting and so we're re-posting it here in its entirety.

Movie poster cliches and what they tell...

  • Back to Back. Do the main roles have a love/hate relationship, and are they forced to work together to get the job done? Show them off with backs against each other.

  • One Eye. One eye looking eerily to the public. Probably a horror movie, but human nature will be a theme.

  • Yellow All Over. A bright yellow poster is probably an independent movie but with a mainstream enough script so it is accessible for the main public. Floating Heads. Big heads over small people, the beach or a desert, silhouette at the ocean and pastel colors--bring your tissues because tears will flow with this emotional drama.

  • Backshot of a Loner. Feel the drama while looking over the shoulder of our hero, he/she is most likely holding a weapon. In Bed. Main characters in a bed (often frowning to each other) indicates that the problems are just there, in the bedroom.

  • Blue. Movies revolving around animals are most likely with blue posters and white letters, add a big moon for drama. Black & White. Black and white face and background with colored flames, this will be a action-packed movie.

  • Skewed and Running. He's running! But where? A thriller. The blue adds to the suspense as the main lead is unwillingly pulled into a drama in which he needs to discover something. Red Dress. A woman in a red dress, it's a romcom!

More at distractify. Special thanks to Michael Holly for sharing the link.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

George Lucas Foundation Project Completed

Back in December, Tarazod flew to Oregon to shoot interviews with Nature Conservancy fire-control burn bosses from around the US. The footage has now been edited and the project completed.

A total of 88 short videos were produced which will be used with new technology in a fourth grade test program sponsored by the George Lucas Foundation.